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The book is intended for managers of all levels, mainly in technology business environments, in large and small companies. The book is published in three languages: English, Spanish and Hebrew

Today’s managers are exposed to a lot of rich information. Nevertheless, this advantage also works as a double-edged sword. You can read about everything – models, techniques, work methods and principles in management of people.

You can read, understand and even internalize the information, but, it’s still a long way to knowing how to apply this learning correctly in a real work environment. And these environments are all different and unique due to the human factor.

To the author’s credit stand decades of international experience as an engineer, project manager, and up to executive positions in an American mega corporation in the USA and Europe.

Her experience in a variety of positions in different industries and companies is expressed in her book as checklists and instructions to the modern-day manager. She details how you’d analyze your managerial situations and challenges, and how you’d build the most suitable approach to address and solve them.

The book offers many real life examples and stories from the author’s experience to illustrate the principles that are surveyed in the book. The discussed models were selected according to a very simple principle, and that is that the author has experienced the application of the model in her work, she researched it, and developed practical ways of applying it.

All of this will be found in the book in an easy-to-read format for any manager who aspires to improve by investing time and effort in their organization as well as in themselves.

Praise for the Book

“The high growth years at EMC taught us a lot. One of the hidden problems with high growth companies is the lack of experienced middle line managers. Sarah captures the needed lessons perfectly in this book.  My favorite motto…”You have to plan for success”…is right there, fully explored.”

Mike Ruettgers

Former CEO and Chairman, EMC Corporation

“I find interesting and useful how she distills her experience from industries that are so different into management practices that apply everywhere. It’s simple – translates the philosophies into clear actions. The stories make it real and interesting.”

Israel Makov

Chairman of Sun Pharma Board, Former CEO and President of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

“A solid bridge between theory and practice – from how to write an email to a full strategy. Lots of gems, pleasure to read.”

Orna Berry, Ph.D

Former Chief Scientist of the State of Israel , Entrepreneur and industry executive VP, Dell EMC, Israel Center of Excellence, Brazil & Skolkovo R&D Centers

 “A feat of great engineering…Condensing such a broad range of management topics into one book that’s usable, easy and makes so much practical sense. Mandatory read for anyone who wants to advance and lead from the front. Bravo !”

Philip Tamer

3PAR Engineering and Storage Networking at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise , Former GM & VP, Symmetrix Business Unit at EMC Corporation

“As a Technion graduate loyal to her training Sarah brings it all together – engineering approach to management. Her vast experience and the many sources she uses are truly impressive. Here are the practical approaches and tools for most of today’s management situations, in business and in operations – you’d feel as if she wrote it for you. Read it once and keep it close…”

Benjamin Soffer

CEO, T3 , Technion Technology Transfer

“Growing a company from an idea and a core team to a large acquisition by Cisco, we’ve been learning and improving through all stages, just as she describes the corrective processes of management. I was inspired to continuously inspect, correct and advance how we do things in our company. Page by page, I was curious to see what else she reminds me to do.”

Gil Zimmermann

Founder and CEO of Cloudlock – A Cisco Company

“The way she goes from large to small, and makes it relevant to all…even with my years of experience I see that she extracted the common language that unites us all, managers and leaders of businesses in high technology.”

Tom Heiser

CEO ClickSoftware, Former President, RSA, The Security Division of EMC

“Mid-level managers are a forgotten, neglected nation, even though they do the real work.  Sarah Zohn has written her book for them.  It is a treasure chest of valuable to-do tools, gleaned from her long experience.  And she offers ongoing help, Ask Sarah, at the very end.  For those managers who want to excel, this is one of a very few must-read books.”  

Professor Shlomo Maital