Sought after C-Level Mentor, consultant and speaker, Sarah Zohn is a highly respected expert on Operational Strategies for Growth and Go-To Market for hi-tech companies. She brings broad experience from her positions as VP in mega multinational corporations as well as from coaching dozens of B2B technology companies and guiding them with game-changing strategies. With hundreds of consulting interactions with startups, Sarah also knows well the nature of startups and their ecosystem.

Sarah is a graduate of B.Sc.E.E and MBA from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel. Her executive level positions at EMC Corporation over 15 years covered hardware and software Engineering, Services and Customer Success, Product Management and Sales. She also served as Deputy Executive Vice President, where she participated at the top of the decision-making processes of EMC’s leadership. Sarah’s experience spans over continents, cultures, several technology- based industries, and hundreds of mentored managers and leaders.

Sample Presentations:

TOPICS for Speeches Include:

Strategies for a Changing Business World

Success depends 10% on Strategy and 90% on Execution. Create a Go-To-Market (GTM) and Operational Strategy for your organization that fit each other like yin and yang.

Effective Middle Management - Planning for success

Managing the B2B Technology Based Organization by a goal system that drives productivity requires re-education of all managers on the key purposes of their roles. Know where and how to benefit from Agile, MBO and OKR or any combination.

Measure, Assess and Continuously Correct to Achieve Best Execution

The pace of technology and global complexities make assessment difficult, nevertheless necessary. Inculcating managers in the “art” of continuous improvement based on metrics and assessments is crucial to the success of organizations.

Managers as Master Communicators

Almost all failures in management are due to communication breakdowns. Managers need to master the entire toolbox of communication skills in the workplace, and always use the right tool for each different “job.” Discover the specific tool to use in the precise situation.

Drive the Organization Forward with Sensible Management Structure and Processes

Build and apply flexible managerial structure, decision and communication processes that make sense for your unique organization and specific work setting, and adapt to the changing business environment.

Understand the Customer. Better Managers Always Act with this in Mind

All Managerial decisions and actions are improved the more managers – front and back of the house – understand the customers. All management ranks must learn how to understand customers through the lens of Sales, Marketing and Customer Success (CS).

Build Your Strong Management Foundation that Can Carry the Weight and Deal with Systemic Shocks

Prevent the most common failure mechanisms through comprehensive management role definitions that reinforce group symbiosis with its surrounding stakeholders, resulting in motivated organizations with elevated team spirit.